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Antwain Jackson (affectionately known as Bishop AJ)  is a creative voice in the church, an innovative leader, and the author of the book  “The Creative Leader.” A natural affirmer and motivator that consistently meets you with a bright smile & tough love, he seeks to pull out all of the potential, gifts, & talents in others. As a modern-day Apostle, with wisdom well beyond his years, his passion is to see people become all they were intended to be. His mission in life is straightforward, “Love God. Help People. Change the World!” 


Known for his cutting-edge point of view and down-to-earth personality, Bishop AJ encourages each person that he encounters.


He has been in ministry for 25+ years, most of those years having served in leadership capacities. Being consecrated as a Bishop, on August 31, 2008, he currently serves as the Assistant Presiding Bishop of the House of God Organization. Antwain is the Founding Pastor of the Equation Church, which he launched on Easter Sunday, April 2010, a  multigenerational, multi-ethnic congregation in St. Louis, MO. He oversees & mentors pastors and leaders throughout the country. 


Antwain is known in the public area, heavily involved in community outreach, and often seen in the city gates influencing & building relationships with civic officials in the city of St. Louis. The Mayor of St. Louis officially proclaimed October 29th Antwain Jackson day & in 2022 was selected as one of the city’s top 100 most influential people.  

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