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Antwain Jackson
Antwain Jackson
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We inspire Leaders to Behave Creatively!

Who is Antwain Jackson - “Bishop AJ” 

Affectionately known as Bishop AJ, a creative voice in the church, an innovative leader, and author of the book  “The Creative Leader.” With a bright smile & tough love, Bishop AJ seeks to pull out all of the potential, gifts, & talents in others. As a modern-day Apostle, with wisdom well beyond his years, he is on an official mission to see people become all they were intended to be. 

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With today's technology, most leaders are in search of spaces to cultivate complex principles while upholding originality and biblically sound teachings. Bishop AJ’s cutting-edge point of view and down-to-earth personality is the classic combination used for encouraging leaders and teams to create new standards in their lives. Through thought-provoking leadership training, Bishop AJ takes the opportunity to engage with creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs with intellect & innovation. 


Are you ready to shift your perspective as a leader?

The Creative Leader Book
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